Let’s pick up from where we left off last time and explore some simple but effective steps to change your self-talk. Get ready to throw the heavy weight of fears and doubts off your shoulders to move forward with ease!

1. ACKNOWLEDGE AND CHALLENGE YOUR NEGATIVE – Stop being a hostage of your own thinking patterns. Start asking yourself some productive questions to challenge the validity of your fears and understand the underlying beliefs that fuel your self-doubt. How does this belief benefit you? Is it true or not? Is it exaggerated or not? Shine the light on the irrationality of these thoughts.

2. REPLACE THE OLD WITH THE NEW – Be creative and come up with values and beliefs that boosts your confidence, that shows you the path forward and that makes you feel good and happy. Your beliefs are your intangible pillars of strength and support.

3. EMBRACE AND GRATIFY – Struggling to find anything good in yourself or in your situation right now? Start with a simple gratitude exercise and identify 5 things that you are grateful for, in your life today. Shift the focus from dark to the brighter perspective.

4. CULTIVATE SELF-COMPASSION – Practise self-love to overcome fears and self-doubts. Instead of berating ourselves for our perceived shortcomings, we must learn to treat ourselves with kindness, understanding, and acceptance. This means embracing our imperfections, celebrating our successes, and forgiving ourselves for our mistakes.

5. BUILD YOUR NETWORK OF SUPPORT – Surround yourself with a supportive network of friends, family, and mentors. They can provide invaluable encouragement and perspective that will allow you to navigate your journey with strength and focus, especially during challenging moments of doubts & uncertainty. And if no one has told you this yet…. YOU are a STAR! Shine bright and create your inner light of joy, confidence and happiness from within. You deserve it! You are unique and beautiful! You are capable of facing and overcoming all your challenges!

by Executive Coach Lidia Plotkina, MACC Writer

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