Membership Information

Membership requirements:

Full membership is open to all and anyone that has achieved a qualified certification in Coaching, Psychiatry, Psychology, Therapist, and Counseling from various accredited schools or universities. Applicants are required to submit a copy of their certification in the application process. There will be a simple verification by the Membership Department and and MACC Exco before the applicant is accepted as a member. The process is simple. Fill out the Membership Application form in the link above, upload your certification and submit. A member of the Membership Department will then look into your application. Once verification is done, you will receive an email reply on further steps.

We also welcome application from interested parties without certification. Potential members without certification are invited to join MACC as an Associate  Member. This membership level is a non-renewable membership. It will allow the applicant to be introduced to the world of coaching and can participate in the activities prepared for our members. As the Associate membership reaches its expiry date, in order for a non-certified Associate Member to upgrade to full membership, he/she will need to complete a coaching certification to to attain eligibility.

We welcome inquiries. Please forward any queries to Your questions and inquiries will attended to by a member of our team.

Below are descriptions of membership levels available.

  • Gratuitous appointment to recognise those who have made and/or are making immense contribution to Coaching.
  • Given for 5 years
  • Enjoy all rights and benefits of MACC
  • No subscription fee needed
  • Any Ordinary Member who has opted to be a member for life
  • A one-time subscription fee of RM 2,000/USD500
  • Enjoy all rights and benefits
  • To apply as Life Member, please communicate directly with us at
  • For ICF-credentialed, certified or trained coaches.
  • Certified coaches and Coach Students from recognised Coaching Schools
  • Subscription fee of RM300/USD 75 for 2 years, or RM 500/USD125 for 4 years.
  • Enjoy all rights and benefits.
  • For non-coaches without coaching qualifications who aspire to be recognised coaches soon.
  • Membership is for 1 year with no further extension
  • A 1 year subscription fee of RM100/USD 25
  • No voting rights and cannot hold positions as office bearers.
  • Enjoy all benefits except for fee paying events.
  • For 12 persons from the same organization.
  • A 2 year subscription fee of RM1,200/USD 300
  • Enjoy all benefits except for fee paying events.
  • No voting rights and cannot hold positions as office bearers.
  • For members residing outside Malaysia.
  • A one-off payment of RM300/USD75 for life
  • This membership becomes invalid if/when the member returns to Malaysia.
  • A Certified Coach or Coach Student from a recognised Coaching School.
    Enjoy all benefits except fee-paying events.
  • Has no voting rights and cannot hold positions as office bearers.