Dr Michael Heah
mikeheah@corporate-coach.com https://corporate-coachacademy.com Joined 18/01/2022
Business Coaching, Executive Coaching, Organisational Development
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Well regarded as the ‘Father of Coaching’ in this region and an ICF Master Certified Coach, Michael is a pioneer in professional coaching, who brought in the ICF global brand of coaching here some 20 years ago. Over these years he has supported thousands of leaders to make major performance breakthroughs with his unique and pragmatic coaching methods that he has gained from his 25 years of corporate exposure in the services and education industries. As a seasoned coach, he has a solid understanding of the deep-seated challenges and self-limiting beliefs that today’s leaders are grappling with and know how to remove them through a range of approaches that primarily raises their self-awareness and self-efficacy that propels them into action-taking. Michael is very skilful in strengthening senior leaders’ capabilities as he addresses performance issues on a holistic way where he works with them on both the extrinsic and intrinsic fronts to deliver highly sustainable results. Michael has the gift for special connection with leaders to gain high trust; an ingredient that successful coaching hinges on. Michael is an Adjunct Professor with the Business School of University Utara, Malaysia, Chairman of the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches and CEO of the leading Coaching School here. He is an author of 4 bestselling coaching books that are widely used by leaders and coaches as their guide to deal with the many challenges in their work environments.