Jeff Lim Joined 18/01/2022
Ordinary 4y
Executive Coaching, Life and Fulfilment Coaching, Organisational Development
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Certified Professional Coach – ICF | Sr Manager (VP) – Global Operations – International Trading Company | MACC Director of Membership and Engagement Jeff Lim has 30 years’ experience working in different industries and corporate positions. Ever inquisitive with the desire to learn new things, his experience includes stints in Advertising, Fast Food Business, Regional Sporting Goods distribution and in International Timber Flooring trade. He has had the opportunity to travel the world and work with clients through their different cultural barriers to bring about business success. Marketing and business development has been his passion from the beginning as it is about creativity and change. It is all about telling a story as he loves the challenge of problem solving through creative business tools as it has a lasting positive effect when done correctly. This was evident in his previous roles in advertising, the golf industry and his long success in international business trade with clients from USA, Europe and Australasia. The study of international business also afforded him the understanding of nuances in cultural differences, languages, body language and people personalities. Throughout his career, one thing stayed constant. Training, coaching, and mentoring played a large role in achieving success and helping people perform better. Coaching to Jeff comes naturally. He chooses two methods of coaching, Coaching for Insight and Coaching for Accountability. He has an innate ability to raise awareness by simply having a conversation with you. His highly curious nature makes him ideal as a coaching partner as he loves to go into deep conversations to find that one insight to change your outlook in life. Be it on a Personal Life Coaching session or on an Organisational Level, the coaching journey will lead to its intended destination. His two favourite sayings are “A Coach once saved my life” and “Chance favours the prepared mind”. He wishes to share that with everyone that he meets. Life doesn’t have to be difficult. We make it difficult by paying attention to the wrong things and the negativity we allow to distract us from our true nature. When we are fully aware and prepared in our thinking, we should be able to face anything life throws at us.