Want to transform?….  Self develop yourself

Writing is something, I am beginning to fall in love with. I write a monthly column on child health issues in a community paper. 

Now, I am here, I am a beginner in writing on non medical articles but friends as we know ” a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

In my first step I like to share what is transforming me— Self Development. 

The word development denotes different things in different circumstances.  As a Paediatrician , development means a child developing from a dependent person to be independent. As a nation, development means progress, better infrastructure, more jobs and facilities. In general development means improvement or getting better.
We have wishes, ambition and dreams in our personal and professional life.  We strive hard but we come across” road blocks”. Some pursue but others give up. How do we overcome the “blocks”?  How do we progress?  

Wait….!!! Where is the block? The natural answer is “outside”. Yes, it means blaming situations and/or people. We go on rattling and giving excuses after excuses. We keep searching for answers when actually the block is within us!!!  It takes variable time to realize this. Some realize earlier than others.  One begins the journey to develop oneself and progress when this realization occurs. 

My definition of Self Development is, “the conscious process of transforming ones inner self, (i.e. our mind) and using the transformation for progress. 

As Albert Einstein said” We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”.
Self development is a lifelong process. One has to invest time and work in the process.
In simple terms Self Development is to improve oneself by learning new skills and doing away with bad habits.
Friends the obvious question next is “How to self develop….?”. You have to hold your horses as this will be the essence of my next article. 

Realistic Guy 

Dr.Shan Narayanan

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