Josephine Ong Joined 18/01/2022
Sales Coaching
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Josephine Ong is a Director at Corporate Coach Academy and Corporate Coach, which are among the few leading coaching schools in this part of the world. She is an ICF Professional Certified Coach and is specialized in the field of executive and sales coaching. Additionally, she is a Coach-Facilitator and a Mentor Coach for student coaches seeking coach certification. She is also a Certified Master Coach. Jo, as she is popularly called, is also a member of the Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches where she plays an active role. Jo’s experience in Coaching is solid as she has more than a decade of involvement in it, which is also about the same time that Coaching took its root in this part of the world. In this regard, she has helped to grow and shape the coaching industry here in her involvement in many of its initiatives such as bringing in the ICF brand of Coaching here through the set up of the ICF Malaysia Chapter, getting the ICF-ACTP accreditation status for Corporate Coach Academy, making it to be among the few in Asia with this prestigious coach-learning status. Jo’s coaching is backed by more than 20 years of corporate experience, most of it in the service industry of travel, hospitality and tourism where she had held positions at the shop floor as a flight stewardess and rising to become Regional Director. In her stint here she was exposed to general management, sales management, strategic management, marketing management, human resource management to hands-on retail selling and administrative duties, etc. Josephine has many special strengths and qualities. Among them is her pragmatic attitude, and down-to-earth philosophy which has guided her successfully. The other area of her strength is her multi-disciplinary background, which endows her with the ability to see things more holistically. She is also a natural leader, role model and a powerful people connector.
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