Positive thoughts fuel your happiness. Negative thoughts fuel your sadness.

Our feelings changes throughout the day – happy or sad/anger based on how we manage our thoughts that directly manages our “passion”, directly shown in our “actions” – that produces the “outcome”. It’s important to quickly identify the type of thoughts you are having – why you are having it – and what is causing it. The speed of identifying your thoughts and changing it will give you more control of your self – to ensure happiness and fulfilment.

Gratitude is the key pillar for Positive thoughts that energizes your positive passion and your focus (internal focus on yourself). Gratitude thoughts will ensure continuous Positive passion. What is common about Achievers and Performers – positive passion for what they do – a key success factor. If you tune into your real passion, you will discover a drive and energy – also probably a joy – which you’re unlikely to have encountered before.

Comparison is the key reason to Negative thoughts – it drains your energy and focus (you will be focusing outside of you). What is common about Under Achievers – negative passion for what they do. If you keep looking at things and people negatively – you will fuel negative passion which will directly translate into your level of achievement and the type of people around you. One action that will help overcome negative passion – is gratitude – gratitude for what you have and gratitude for what you are experiencing.

To follow your passion won’t be easy – to achieve success both personally and professionally will require discipline – focus and hard work. Managing your thoughts and channelling your passion in the right way – you will inspire those around you too.

And don’t take passion for granted – like everything in life, it can be lost. To ensure success is by observing your thoughts – knowing when negative thoughts are creeping in and addressing the problem quickly.

Change Starts with You…and requires Courage

TheChanger (aka Vicks Kanagasingam)

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