Why are we talking about inner peace and how is it related to coaching? How many times did you hear these words: just relax, it is ok, calm down – it is not a big deal, no need to stress. But no matter how well we know this, we still find ourselves spiralling down into the worries, fears, anxieties and negative thoughts.


Is it really so hard to maintain a balanced perspective and emotional stability regardless of external circumstances? How can we even rely our mental peace on the external circumstances if they keep changing every minute?

When coaches have a profound sense of inner peace, an ability to accept and understand the interconnectedness of all phenomena and recognizing the inherent uncertainty and flux of life, the coach can remain steady and composed. The coach is free from excessive attachment to pleasant experiences or aversion to unpleasant ones.

I believe that nothing like inner peace is the first step to building self-confidence, practising self-love and knowing who you truly are and your life purpose. If the fundamental is unstable and the inner peace is missing then how can we build anything upon it?

by Executive Coach Lidia Plotkina, MACC Writer www.lidiaplotkina.com
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