We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover within themselves.” ~ Galileo Galilei

That is a burden in my heart to share principles that I believe would make a profound impact to people’s lives. Principles that changed my life, how I see and experience life and everything. But sharing deep insights is easy, but not easily received the same way by others. As the saying goes, “Some things can only be caught, not taught.”

I’ve done numerous talks and training sessions, and I’m always amazed that everyone has a unique takeaway from each of them at the end. No two opinions are exactly the same. I find that a beautiful and mysterious thing!

How do we then create a conducive space for new insights to be more easily “caught” by someone?

We receive information in various levels. At the surface level, they’re just a bunch of information that may or may not make sense. Even if they do, it may or may not carry much meaning. If they do not make sense or carry any meaning, they’re politely rejected or sometimes, ridiculed. And there are those which are strongly opposed.

When they do make sense or mean something, we now grasp it intellectually. They’re now a bunch of theories and concepts we wrap around with our intellect mind, like so many others that we have learnt in the past. Hardly life-changing and easily forgotten.

So, how do you cause someone else to catch those profound insights, especially the paradigm-breaking ones?

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