Have you ever met a person who was in Full Power, in whole self-control of her/himself?

You have certainly noticed as this person shones, irradiates even, drew the attention, hypnotizes and consequently tempts us to believe her/him, to follow her(it) even?

You can hear here and there: One has charisma…one has no charisma…really?!

So what’s her/his secret?

Discover a strategy to ignite your charisma and take full power over your team, your organization, your stakeholders.

The good news is that this state of Full Power is not just for those who are born with. You too can enter this state of flux which empowers you considerably, and lead your team to higher performance.

To achieve this you need to consolidate your inner sphere, THE Essence, THE Fundamental sphere of power.

  • The inner sphere is OUR world, the one that is invisible to others, which we own. How deep do you really know your inner world?
  • The outer sphere is our relationship to the outside world. How does it impact your relationships? How does it impact your inner world?

The two are intimately linked. However, it is important to work on the inner sphere first, which is the foundation of our strengths and our potentials.

It’s like driving your car; if you do not pass the first speed, you will not be able to pass the second; your car will stall, and you will be stuck in the traffic without any possibility to start your journey .

Fasten your seatbelt, let’s get started! Switch on the engine.

You may probably notice that irradiating people are equipped with incredible energy.

Like a magnet, they have an appealing power which is strong, they have high conviction, no need to shout nor fidgeting.

Here are some of their secrets:

1. Have a high Self Esteem

Self-esteem is defined as the way we judge our own selves. To owe high self-esteem, successful leaders have to go systematically through the following milestones:

a. Have SELF Awareness

They have a great and genuine knowledge of themselves . They know how to define themselves, and know the perception others have of them-selves.

They have a greater awareness of their strengths and also of their weaknesses … .They also often set a strategy to tackle these.

Their values are set forth with conviction, and there are easily readable, as we see them; they completely adhere to those values because they behave totally in conformity with these values : They Walk the talk” They do what they say, and they say what they do. They are trustworthy.

b. Accept fully the SELF

Accept YOURSELF: no more no less. This is the inevitable step to seal the self-esteem: ACCEPT.

When you look in the mirror: look at every part of You. Don’t miss one little part.

This is also the time for judgment on oneself with indulgence to yourself, an unconditional self-fulfillment step.

Look closely, the inspirational leaders are not perfect human beings; but who is really? And it turns them so much more human, more touching, more accessible, and more convincing as a consequence.

c. Demonstrate Integrity with the SELF

Charismatic leaders respect their own identity and loudly proclaim who they are, where they are heading, and how they will do it. They voice out their Self.

d. Setting a CLEAR GOAL

Their personal goal is very clear, simply enunciated. They have identified it precisely. They are convinced that this is the right direction and besides their messages are quite intelligible and resonate to one’s ear.

All their energy, all their senses, all their actions are mobilized, driven and oriented towards achieving their goal. This is why they look so powerful and engaging.

They are convincing because they are “one” Their Self commit to ONE.

Once you have reached this state of flux, you have to keep an eye on the half full glass.

2. Combine and synergize the Head and the Heart

“The head and the heart are always a good combination” used to say Nelson Mandela

Using your head, your QI, neutrally, will support you to define your strategy, to sort out a deepened process. Using your heart will assist you to take into account your intuition, your emotions, your feelings.

The two bodies are closely related and influence each other reciprocally:

A negative thought will cause a negative emotion that will cause a negative behavior … and vice versa!

Charismatic leaders never let down (they are very stubborn!) and always focus on the half full glass versus half empty.

They also have an ability to constantly challenge their objective towards agenda, to adopt an enthusiastic and positive posture. As the saying positive psychology ” One always has the choice of her/his actions “

One always can choose the climate of your mind: will you chose summer or winter?

You just have to work on the mind.

At this stage, do you still have to face some roadblocks?

3. Get rid of your boundaries

Our inner world is connected to the outside world by the 5 senses (visual, auditory, gustative, kinesthetic, olfactory) A multitude of information coming from the outside world is received and transformed in emotions to our inner world. Our brain is sorted according to a highly formalized organization from the prehistoric times (survival reflexes of the brain) , our culture, our education , our environment , our own experiences.

Many self-talks resonate internally that are bumps, pitfalls on our path.

When you find the commitment to drive over it, you will then have to face deep fear.

Taking unusual, stony, unknown paths, CHANGING, requires a mental exercise which leads to fear reflexes with in the brain. The change, by nature, triggers human worries in the brain.

Changing means accepting to go outside the box, to have the courage and the tools to move forward, towards what is not known.

Charismatic leaders are not afraid. They go beyond these obstacles and do not hesitate to draw on all their resources and potential to reach their ultimate goal. Because they are always focused on their goal, their whole self is dedicated to their objective which looks fair to them, which makes sense to them: They are fully, completely, totally, unswervingly engaged, driven. No obstacle can stop them.

Our inner sphere has originally been given to us with a wealth of possibilities at birth. Who we are today is a reflection of who we have decided to be. We have a choice.

What will be yours?

Have you made the full power of yourself?

If yes, then it is time to go for the second speed of your car, and start your journey in the outer sphere…..

“Mastering others is strength.

Mastering yourself is true power” Lao Tzu

Armelle Stoltz

Leadership and Executive Coach


Contact: 0127123408

*sources: Nathaniel Branden – Self Esteem/Martin Seligman – Flourish

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