No One Say It Is Easy‏


No One Says It Is Easy 

When your mother pushed you out of her womb, it wasn’t easy for her but she still did it anyway. She knew it was going to hurt but she knew she would receive the greatest joy when she could finally see your face. While she was going through those sufferings for hours, your dad witnessed the pain and was reminded not to take this most wonderful woman of his life for granted.   Read more

A Learning and Growing Journey (Part 2 of 3)


A Learning and Growing Journey by HELEN TEH (Part 2 of 3) 

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I was conducting a Performance Management Workshop for a group of staff.  We came to the part where we discussed about what we must do for the one on one session.  The individual in front of me (let’s call him, David) said, “We must be positive”.  And I say, “Great!” and I animated the point out into my slide.  “Be Positive. Give Benefit of Doubts.”  I asked David, “What do you mean by “Be Positive” ?”.  Read more