Want to Transform?


Want to transform?….  Self develop yourself

Writing is something, I am beginning to fall in love with. I write a monthly column on child health issues in a community paper. 

Now, I am here, I am a beginner in writing on non medical articles but friends as we know ” a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

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A Learning and Growing Journey (Part 2 of 3)


A Learning and Growing Journey by HELEN TEH (Part 2 of 3) 

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I was conducting a Performance Management Workshop for a group of staff.  We came to the part where we discussed about what we must do for the one on one session.  The individual in front of me (let’s call him, David) said, “We must be positive”.  And I say, “Great!” and I animated the point out into my slide.  “Be Positive. Give Benefit of Doubts.”  I asked David, “What do you mean by “Be Positive” ?”.  Read more

A Learning and Growing Journey (Part 1 of 3)


I am sitting here, thinking of what to write.  After putting my hand up to say “I will write for MACC!”,  now, I am scratching my head  ……. What would interest the readers? 

I asked my 15 year old son, “What do you think Mummy should write?”  He said “All those lives coaching you do”.  I say, “The cases? Or what I learned?  Or what I do?”.  He said, “Any of those, Mummy!”  Read more

The Unfreedom of Choice

by Merel Nahuysen

The Unfreedom of Choice by Merel Nahuysen

Our ancestors, the cavemen, were lucky people. Yes, they probably worried every day about feeding themselves and protecting themselves and their families against sabre-toothed tigers or mammoths. They also were very busy building fires all the time, to stay warm. But there wasn’t much else that interfered with their daily lives. Read more

Let Go, Flow, Achieve Big


Let Go, Flow, achieve Big

Some time ago, I had an amazing coaching session which would change my coaching approach forever. Before going to the coaching session, I spent time strategizing my session, preparing my documents, my mind, my heart. Keeping focused on the agenda of my client, deep listening, asking powerful questions, looking for results, popcorn moments, steps further, action plan. Once we with my client have achieved these accountabilities (my accountabilities?), then I started to relax…and you know what happened? Another journey began and became deeper. The coachee relaxed also, and started to share some private experience she had in another area. The parallel, congruities and incongruities with the coaching agenda were very much obvious and helpful, and it was so powerful to look at the coaching agenda with these fresh new glasses! Then we learned from metaphors, values, broader perspective. And the outcome of the session became smoothly and indisputably: Bigger.   Read more

The Races in Life


There are many races in life we just got to run. Most races in our life are actually intangible.  Whether it is about getting a degree, embarking a new job, given a new work assignment, working towards a dateline, entering into parenthood, etc., these are races that we might felt we are running. We don’t see ourselves running physically, but the racings happen in our mind. Read more

An Ode to Quotes: What possible applications in coaching?

By Nadege Esteban-Frutos

What are your favourite quotes? How do you use them into your daily life and into your coaching practice?

I love quotes. I even keep one file on my computer where I collect the quotes that I like. As far as I remember, I have always loved quotes. I started with this one when I was about 12 years old: “A day without laughter is a day wasted” (Charlie Chaplin) and it is still at the top of my collection. And then there was this one, “Every strike brings me closer to the next home run” (Babe Ruth). For many people, it may not mean a lot but as a huge baseball fan, it does a lot for me! And there was another one and then many more. I don’t know if there is a specific word for those who build a collection of quotes, like the word “philatelists” for those whose hobby is to collect stamps, or “numismatics” for those who collect coins, but if there was one, I could add it in my list of hobbies on my profile! Read more

The Voices Within Me


Every one of us has this little voices from within that speaks to us every single day.  These voices within us are our mental chatters – or in another word, our thoughts. When we were a young toddler or a kid, before memory and logic developed, we stayed in the present moment where we used only desire and action to express ourselves. Believe it or not, it originally developed to help us feel emotionally safe and happy. It is usually operating under the premise that it is trying to protect us. Read more

The Compassionate Coach: 6 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Be More Compassionate (Part 2 of 2)


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In recent years, the science of compassion has emerged. Now, we know more about the biology and the neurosciences of compassion : when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down, our body secretes the “bonding hormone” oxytocin, and regions of the brain linked to empathy, caregiving, and feelings of pleasure are activated, which often results in our wanting to approach and care for other people. Read more

From Gender Intelligence to Collective Intelligence


Do you know that gender diversity creates greater value among a team?

Most companies which have gender diversity at top level are experiencing higher results.

Why is it so?
Men and women are equal in numbers, not equal in value.

Then you need both to go further. Read more