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Want to Transform?

by DR. SHAN NARAYANAN Want to transform?….  Self develop yourself Writing is something, I am beginning to fall in love with. I write a monthly column on child health issues in a community paper.  Now, I am here, I am a beginner in writing on non medical articles but friends as we know ” a journey of a thousand miles […]

The Unfreedom of Choice

by Merel Nahuysen The Unfreedom of Choice by Merel Nahuysen Our ancestors, the cavemen, were lucky people. Yes, they probably worried every day about feeding themselves and protecting themselves and their families against sabre-toothed tigers or mammoths. They also were very busy building fires all the time, to stay warm. But there wasn’t much else that […]

Let Go, Flow, Achieve Big

by ARMELLE STOLTZ Let Go, Flow, achieve Big Some time ago, I had an amazing coaching session which would change my coaching approach forever. Before going to the coaching session, I spent time strategizing my session, preparing my documents, my mind, my heart. Keeping focused on the agenda of my client, deep listening, asking powerful […]

The Races in Life

by JERI XIE There are many races in life we just got to run. Most races in our life are actually intangible.  Whether it is about getting a degree, embarking a new job, given a new work assignment, working towards a dateline, entering into parenthood, etc., these are races that we might felt we are […]

The Voices Within Me

by JERI XIE Every one of us has this little voices from within that speaks to us every single day.  These voices within us are our mental chatters – or in another word, our thoughts. When we were a young toddler or a kid, before memory and logic developed, we stayed in the present moment […]