Let Go, Flow, Achieve Big


Let Go, Flow, achieve Big

Some time ago, I had an amazing coaching session which would change my coaching approach forever. Before going to the coaching session, I spent time strategizing my session, preparing my documents, my mind, my heart. Keeping focused on the agenda of my client, deep listening, asking powerful questions, looking for results, popcorn moments, steps further, action plan. Once we with my client have achieved these accountabilities (my accountabilities?), then I started to relax…and you know what happened? Another journey began and became deeper. The coachee relaxed also, and started to share some private experience she had in another area. The parallel, congruities and incongruities with the coaching agenda were very much obvious and helpful, and it was so powerful to look at the coaching agenda with these fresh new glasses! Then we learned from metaphors, values, broader perspective. And the outcome of the session became smoothly and indisputably: Bigger.   Read more