The Voices Within Me


Every one of us has this little voices from within that speaks to us every single day.  These voices within us are our mental chatters – or in another word, our thoughts. When we were a young toddler or a kid, before memory and logic developed, we stayed in the present moment where we used only desire and action to express ourselves. Believe it or not, it originally developed to help us feel emotionally safe and happy. It is usually operating under the premise that it is trying to protect us. Read more

The Compassionate Coach: 6 Ways Mindfulness Can Help You Be More Compassionate (Part 2 of 2)


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In recent years, the science of compassion has emerged. Now, we know more about the biology and the neurosciences of compassion : when we feel compassion, our heart rate slows down, our body secretes the “bonding hormone” oxytocin, and regions of the brain linked to empathy, caregiving, and feelings of pleasure are activated, which often results in our wanting to approach and care for other people. Read more

From Gender Intelligence to Collective Intelligence


Do you know that gender diversity creates greater value among a team?

Most companies which have gender diversity at top level are experiencing higher results.

Why is it so?
Men and women are equal in numbers, not equal in value.

Then you need both to go further. Read more

No One Say It Is Easy‏


No One Says It Is Easy 

When your mother pushed you out of her womb, it wasn’t easy for her but she still did it anyway. She knew it was going to hurt but she knew she would receive the greatest joy when she could finally see your face. While she was going through those sufferings for hours, your dad witnessed the pain and was reminded not to take this most wonderful woman of his life for granted.   Read more