The Malaysian Association of Certified Coaches (MACC) is an embodiment of true blue coaches who are committed to becoming the best they can be through continuous learning, sharing, and networking among each other. It is an independent and non-profit national coach community of certified and/or trained coaches, and coach-students of coach-learning programs approved or accredited by the International Coach Federation (ICF) and other coach-learning institutions that are universally renowned for their ability to produce high quality and creditable coaches.

A National Coaching Association

Set up in October 2009, MACC is the first and the only legally approved association representing non-sports coaches and coach-students in Malaysia that is recognized by the Malaysian Government. In the same vein, it is perhaps among the very few national non-sports associations that successfully gain national recognition and respect from their national governments.

MACC believes that the good name of ethical, committed and competent coaches can be well safeguarded and respected only when there is a strong and responsible coaching representative body to uphold their interests, promote them and continually upgrade their coaching skills in alignment with world coaching standards.

MACC also takes on this leadership role to educate the Malaysian business and non-business community on what is authentic coaching so that they can differentiate between bona fide coaches as against untrained or ill-trained, unscrupulous, incompetent and unethical self-claimed coaches who are only interested in making fast bucks without the skills and responsibility to support clients in the right way.

A Central Leadership Coaching Body

MACC was formed against the backdrop where coaching was fast being recognized as the single most powerful way to grow, develop, raise performance, and support people to reach their goals in the most fulfilling way.

Coaches are powerful catalyst of change and transformation and, as such, they can influence the lives of people.  Because of this, many people rely on them for guidance and support. Therefore, coaches have to act competently and responsibly at all times to all clients.

A central coaching body like MACC is needed to play the role in overseeing coaching activities in particular, ensuring that only bona fide coaches of the highest quality are being engaged to provide the necessary coaching support for clients.

ICF as its Guiding Body

MACC’s reference body is the International Coach Federation (ICF), the leading global body in coaching with over 15,000 members, which is dedicated to advancing the coaching profession to the highest world standards.
In this regard, its plans and activities for its members will always be guided by the precepts, philosophy, and professional standards and ethics as well as coaching competencies of ICF.

Our Mission

Building a Vibrant Coach Community in Malaysia and Beyond

We want to inspire the continuous growth of a community of like-minded coaches of the highest quality in Malaysia and in the region.

Roles and Services

These are among the roles and services of MACC

A National Coaching Regulatory Body

..alongside other noble professions, similar to Law, Medicine, Engineering, Accountancy, etc. with the aim of providing national benchmarks for the Coaching Profession.

A National Coaching Advisory educating, guiding and advising Malaysian public corporations that intend to engage and even train their coaches to be of the highest quality in accordance to globally recognized world standards.

A Source of Qualified Professional Coaches

..for those who are seeking coaches to support them in any of their pursuits relating to their life fulfilment, executive growth, leadership effectiveness, business profitability, sales prowess, organizational capabilities and others.

A Coaching Community Platform

to bring all like-minded coaches and coach students together under one roof with events and activities that further nurture strong positive values, character and personalities that will make them live their lives as good coaches.

A Coach-Learning Environment

..for coaches and coach-students to be in continuous learning mode to become even better coaches as they journey on in their personal and professional lives.

A ‘Coaching Laboratory’

..for coaches to attain their world class ICF Credentialed Coach status by creating vast opportunities for them to attain the required 500 coaching hours.

A Coach Service Center

..for members to contribute to the betterment of society through a range of outreach activities.

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